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TO ORDER AN EVALUATION (Read 1, 2 & 3 Below)

1. CLICK HERE to print the application and order an evaluation.

2. EVALUATION LIMITATIONS: Currently ERES is NOT able to accept certain evaluation requests

Our agency receives more evaluation requests than we can currently process and with regret we request that you choose another agency if your education is from one of the following countries:

  • In EUROPE: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland (See Exceptions in # 3 below).

  • In AFRICA AND ASIA: Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, (See Exceptions in # 3 below).

We are making the above request because the evaluators who work with these countries are simply getting too many evaluations. This is a temporary measure and you can check our website later if your education is from one of these countries and you want to use our agency.

Requests for All Other Countries are Accepted

3. EXCEPTIONS: When The Above DOES NOT Apply

  • We generally accept education from ALL countries when the school, licensing board, employer, or recruiter recommends ONLY ERES and no other agency.

  • If you live in the Sacramento Area we will accept education from ALL countries. However, evaluations for the countries listed above will take about two months to complete. If you need an evaluation sooner it is best that you check with another evaluation agency.

  • Previous Relationship with ERES: If you represent a school, a business, an employer, a licensure board, or other organization with which we already have a previous relationship we are happy to accept education from any country for your cases.

  • NURSES: The above does NOT apply to those needing an evaluation for Nursing License in the US. For Nursing Evaluations CLICK HERE.

  • Academy of Art University(AAU)—Education is accepted from ALL countries when the evaluation is for this university.



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