Best Credential Evaluation Services for USA and Global Applicants

At Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES), we strive to be the bridge that transforms your foreign education into future possibilities by offering dependable evaluation services to institutions and organizations.

Since our establishment in 1981, ERES has assisted non-US-educated individuals in obtaining the equivalent US credentials for their studies through highly accurate credential evaluation services in the USA. 

Our mission at ERES is clear: we aim to connect individuals with a bright future by bridging the gap between their foreign education and the opportunities that await them. Trust us to provide reliable credential evaluation services that open doors to endless possibilities.

Why Choose ERES?

When it comes to credential evaluation agencies, there are several reasons why you should choose ERES as your trusted partner. With a rich history dating back to 1981, ERES is one of the best credential evaluation services in the US that has assisted non-US-educated individuals in obtaining the US equivalency of their studies through comprehensive credential evaluation reports.

ERES reports serve a wide range of purposes, including admission and academic credit transfer to US colleges and universities, professional license applications, employment opportunities in the US, immigration and visa requirements, military enlistment, and more.

Additionally, our streamlined process allows us to offer flexible turnaround times, ensuring that you receive your report as quickly as the same day, tailored to your needs.

Being one of the best NACES members, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service at ERES. Our dedicated customer service staff can always assist you and answer any questions. We prioritize prompt communication, with all messages returned within 24-48 hours.

Language barriers are not an issue at ERES. We offer professional opinions in multiple languages, catering to customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. We have you covered whether you speak Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, or Spanish.


  • What is credentials evaluation?

    A credential evaluation is a way of determining the accreditation, authenticity, and equivalence of education from one country to another.

    It is comparing a program, a degree, a certificate, or any education, to figure out its similarity to another from two or more countries.

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  • Is credential evaluation necessary?

    It is requested by employers, education institutions, state boards, immigration laws, and others to ensure and verify that the applicant meets the educational background and the standards required to apply for jobs, programs, licenses, and more.

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  • How does credential evaluation service works?

    A credential evaluation is a report, that contains information about the applicant, and detailed information, about the education, earned in another country.

    It will list details about the attended institutions, universities, colleges, etc., and the equivalent of a degree. It also may include detailed grades, credits, and GPA.

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  • How is a credential evaluation done?

    It is prepared by qualified education evaluators who research international education, countries, history of programs and compare it to similar programs in their country. They use regulations, verifications, and trusted sources to determine all the education details, degrees earned, credits, and grades.

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  • What is a credential evaluation document?

    A credential evaluation document is a report about one’s education earned in another country. It has detailed information about the educational background and the applicant’s information from another country.

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