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The ERES Pre-evaluation will provide you with essential information for decision making. If you have prior studies abroad, send us scanned copies of your documents and let us help you determine whether they would be considered as equivalent to studies at a U.S. accredited institution.

*A pre-evaluation is advisory in nature and no evaluation official report will be issued.

*The payment for a pre-evaluation will not be deducted towards your future official evaluation.

*Documents submitted for a pre-evaluation will not verified for authenticity.

General Required Documentation

*You must submit a pre-evaluation application to ERES along with complete, clear, scanned copies or photocopies of your educational documents and obtain a reference#.

Unofficial Degree Certificate / Diploma

Unofficial Transcripts or Marksheet in Native Language

Scan copy of the Thesis (for PhD program only)

Unofficial English Translation of the Degree Certificate / Diploma and Transcripts or Marksheet if the language of instruction was not English

ERES requires a precise, accurate, word by word translation for each document submitted in a language other than English.

List of acceptable translations:

Translation from an ATA member

School-issued official Translation

Translation from a professional translator or translation agency

Basic Service

Report Option 1 - General Pre-evaluation

Includes the accreditation of program(s) or institution(s) and potential US equivalency with semester units.

Fee: Starts from $50

View Sample Report:

Report Option 2 - CPA Pre-evaluation

Includes all the features of a General Pre-evaluation with additional relevant accounting and business units.

Fee: Starts from $60

View Sample Report:

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Educational Records Evaluation Service helps Non-US educated individuals to receive their US equivalences with our credential evaluation reports.

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