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Our aim is to be the bridge that helps transform an individuals’ prior foreign education into future opportunities by providing reliable evaluations to institutions/organizations.

How ERES can help

Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES) was founded in 1981. Through credential evaluation reports, we help Non-US educated individuals to receive the US equivalency of their studies.

Our reports may be used for diverse purposes such as:

credential evaluation organizations

Admission and academic credit transfer to US colleges & universities

Applying for a professional license

Employment in the U.S.

Immigration / visa requirements

Military enlistment

Other purposes

Why choose ERES

We’ve been a member of NACES since 1993 and are A+ rated by the BBB

ERES is a member of


If you are looking for an evaluation service, it is very important that the agency meet some of these key points below. Also, they are some of the best words to describe ERES.

Reliability & Credibility

Report is recognized by hundreds of US agencies, licensing boards, employers and Educational Institutions, easy to read.

Flexible Turnaround


We've streamlined our process to deliver the report as soon as same day based on customer needs.

Best Customer Service


Our customer service staff is here to help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. All messages will be returned within 24-48 hours.

Flawless Communication

We provide professional opinion in various languages for customers from many linguistic backgrounds (e.g., Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish).

They trusted us

Wei Fang

The best experience about evalutation as a foreigner. Alwarys respond, kind representative and detailed explanation. You don;t need to worried about english If you are not good at listening or speaking, they are professional group made of differenf poeple with diffence culture, you will found the most suitable one. By the way, my representative Emma is great!!

Jing Jung

ERES education eval services are prompt and true to their word of honor that when a report is ready at a certain date and time , it is timely done. They are warm accommodating competent very professional staff inside the office . As soon as I handed in my original documents for evaluation I felt I have placed my whole trust in them, no matter what their findings may be I am confident and at ease that they know their job and the entire process , no doubt about it. They are excellent with updating and correspondence. I am happy I chose ERES.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I want to express gratitude & appreciation to NOUR. She explains professionally and with patience.

Ruby Ning

I had a really great experience with my evolution, friendly staff Cheng Sha gave me a lot of help for how to preparing documents for the evaluation, we communicated by email and phone many times. And finally I got the best results, I granted my credentials in the US. Thank you, ERES! Maybe you think the fee is expensive, but it definitely worth it!

Getting Started is Easy


Step 01



Find out what kind of evaluation or evaluation purpose you need


Step 02



Apply and submit your application


Step 03



Prepare and send us the required documents


Step 04



Wait and receive your evaluation report

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Educational Records Evaluation Service helps Non-US educated individuals to receive their US equivalences with our credential evaluation reports.

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