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Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES)
Introduces Another New Department:
Russian Education Evaluation Service (REES)

Educated in Russia
or Other Russian-Speaking Country?

With An Evaluation you get U.S. Education Credit
for your past diplomas and degrees so you can

    - Apply or transfer academic credit
                  to U.S. college or university
    - Apply for a better job or promotion
    - Apply for a professional license or credential
    - Apply to upgrade your immigration status

All Levels of Education
from High School to Post-Doctoral, even the programs NOT completed

Since 1981 Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES) has gained an outstanding reputation for assisting thousands of individuals from all over the world to receive U.S. education credit for their prior educational achievements. The Russian speaking and Slavic community have always been a very important part of our service. As we strive to better serve this community, we are now adding more Russian speaking education specialists to our staff. In so doing, ERES is creating a whole new department:

Russian Education Evaluation Service (REES).

Why Customers prefer working with ERES/REES:

1. Personal Contact. Talk with real people (10 am to 3 pm, Pacific time) - not just a P.O. Box or a voice mail. Get a quick response to your inquiries. Speak directly with Russian-speaking evaluator if needed or preferred. If you call after business hours - leave your name and number, we will return your call. The most direct way to contact a Russian Education Specialist is to click on the e-mail link below. For a nominal fee , you can have a half-hour appointment to discuss your situation in person at our office.

2. With nearly 30 years of experience, ERES has an Outstanding Reputation for Expertise, Reliability, Accuracy and Clarity. The REES Russian Education Specialists can accurately determine your Educational Achievement and then establish the Full U.S. Credit it deserves.

3. High Quality of Services. Many colleges, universities, licensing boards and governmental agencies recommend our services because they know from many years of experience that they can trust the conclusions of our experts. ERES' membership in NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) testifies to our national recognition and to our being a leader in the industry. Our evaluation reports are received with the highest degree of confidence and respect.

4. Timely Service. Evaluations are prepared on time. Also, One, Two and Five-day rush service is available.

5. A Complete Report . ERES/REES evaluations are comprehensive, multi-page reports that are often preferred by schools, employers, and licensing boards. A complete report includes the status of the school(s) you attended, a description of the program(s) you completed, a description of the documents you submitted, and other information to help the reader of your evaluation appreciate the full value of your education – all for one low price.

6. Our central location close to State Licensing Offices and various colleges and universities gives us valuable contact and direct access to changes in licensing and education al requirements.

7. Quality service for everybody regardless of where you live. Our customers live in all parts of the U.S. as well as in other countries throughout the world. REES specializes in evaluating education from all 15 countries of former USSR.

8. Permanent records. It is easy to order copies of your evaluation any time in the future up to 7 years. Customers appreciate that ERES/REES does not require you to pay for a whole new evaluation after 2 or 3 or 5 years as do other evaluation agencies. Our evaluations are based on the most current and dependable information available to our professional staff at the time the evaluation is prepared. If you wish to request changes based on new documents or new information, we will advise you of the charge.

9. Best Value. Based on all these and other advantages not listed here, ERES/REES represents real value and economy.

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