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Nursing Application

ERES Privacy Policy
ERES Terms and Conditions

(effective May 24, 2018)

How to Apply for an Education Evaluation
for Nursing Licensure:

NOTES: CARIBBEAN - currently ERES is unable to process applications
from the CARIBBEAN
(except Puerto Rico)
AFRICAN EDUCATED NURSES - Currently ERES is only accepting
evaluations for African Educated Nurses who ALSO have been issued
a Nursing License from their country of education.
If you do not
a license, please consider requesting evaluation from one of the
other evaluation agencies.

  1. Form 100: Application for Education Evaluation
    Print out the two-page Application (Form 100) - see the link above. Fill it out completely, sign it , and mail to ERES. The fee schedule is at the bottom of the first page of the application form and on page 4.
    Be sure to include with your Application (Form 100) a photo copy of each of the following:
    Your Nursing School Diploma/Graduation Certificate or Degree Certificate;
    Nursing License(s) issued to you outside the U.S;
    Your Marriage Certificate (or Court Order) if your name is different from the name on your school records.

  2. Form 101: Academic Transcript/Records Request Form - use for all Nursing Boards except Florida

    Form 101-F: Academic Transcript/Records Request Form
    - use when applying to the Florida Board of Nursing

    Print out the Academic Transcript/Records Request Form
    (Form 101 – 2 pages; or Form 101-F-3 pages), complete the top portion then send a copy to each school you attended. The school will then complete Form 101 (or 101-F) and mail it to us along with these requested documents (which are necessary in order for ERES to evaluate your education):
    • The original official educational records (for example: transcripts, mark sheets, student book) from each college or professional nursing institution you attended.
    • Course descriptions for all the courses in your professional nursing education.

    Note: These documents must be sent to us directly from the schools. We cannot accept documents sent to us by the applicant.

  3. Form 102: Nursing License Confirmation Form

    If you have received a Nursing License (certificate/cedula) from any country other than the U.S., we need confirmation of the status of all such licenses issued to you. Print out the Nursing Licence Confirmation Form (Form 102) - the link is above - complete the top portion, and send it to the agency authorized to issue nursing licenses in each country in which you received such a license.

    Important Note: To apply for the Illinois License, you must have a license (certificate/cedula) from your country of education and a minimum of 14 years of education.
  1. Forms 101 and 102 instruct the educational institution and licensing agency to send the requested documents directly to ERES. DO NOT Delay mailing your Application (Form 100). It MUST be mailed when you mail Forms 101 & 102. We need to get your Application and set up your account so that we can accept your documents when they arrive. Otherwise your documents may be lost.

    Also, if your name is different from the name on your school records, then when submitting your application (Form-100) be sure to include a photocopy of your marriage license certificate or court order to verify your name change.
  1. Documents should be in the native language as they were originally issued. If the documents are available in English, they also should be included along with the native language documents. We will notify you if we receive any documents that must be translated into English and we will advise you of the available options and fees..

  2. Review the Evaluation Fees (on page 4) then c heck the services you wish at the bottom of the first page of the Application Form [Form 100] in addition to the basic fee of $395. All prices are subject to change without notice. Mail the completed application and payment for the total fee to the address at the top of the Application Form. Payment may be by C redit or Debit C ard (See Item 17 on the Application Form), U.S. money order, or personal or cashier's check drawn on a U.S. bank. Checks drawn on foreign banks are not acceptable.

  3. Your application package is considered complete when ERES has received:

    1. A completed Application (Form 100) and Full Payment: Include, if available, copies of your Diploma/Degree Certificate and Non-USA Nursing License;
    2. Completed Academic Transcript/Records Request Form (Form 101 or 101-F) and requested documents mailed directly to us by the nursing schools;
    3. Nursing License Confirmation (Form 102) sent directly to us from countries where you were licensed
  4. As soon as your application package is complete, the evaluation process will begin and generally lasts 8 to 10 weeks, but sometimes can take up to three months. (15-Day, 10-Day and 5-Day Rush Service is available.) When completed, your evaluation will be sent to the State Board you listed on your application and you will receive your (Unofficial) Copy by email (NOT mail).The Board will receive your evaluation a few days after you receive your copy by email. However, the board may not be able to confirm receipt of your evaluation for an additional 1 to 2 weeks because of the delay in entering your information in the database.

    Note: If we do not receive Forms 101 and 102 by 2 months after receiving your application (Form 100), we will notify you and suggest that you contact the institution(s) or send another request. If, after a one-year period, your application is still incomplete, it will be deactivated . Reactivation is possible only during the one year period following the deactivation by contacting ERES and paying the current reactivation fee. After these two years from your application date , a new application and full payment would be required to complete an evaluation.

    Additional Copies: Official nursing evaluations are ONLY for nursing boards and CANNOT be requested for any other purpose. You CANNOT request a personal copy. You will be given an unofficial copy by email.

    Important Notice: if we determine that your school records misrepresent your education or are in anyway fraudulent (including records from a Diploma Mill), no evaluation will be prepared, no refund will be made, and evaluation agencies and nursing boards will be notified.

    In those cases when there are problems with the documents, it sometimes can take many weeks before we receive verification of their authenticity. This can cause a delay in preparing an evaluation as we must wait for the verification to arrive.

    After you receive your copy of the evaluation you have 60 days to carefully check it and then to notify ERES if you think changes are necessary. After 60 days there may be a fee for changes.

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